Saturday, July 16, 2011

Candy Mani...Step-by-step Guide

A Candy Mani is a super sparkly and super glossy mani extravaganza!!  In order to do a Candy Mani you will need a base color, a glitter, and a jelly/sorbet for the topping.  I will be using the following (in order) for this mani:

  • OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
  • NOPI Virtuous Violet (base color)
  • OPI Teenage Dream (glitter)
  • OPI Houston We Have a Purple (jelly/sorbet)
  • NOPI Top Coat Plus
First, I did one thin coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat.  Once that was completely dry I applied two thin coats of NOPI Virtuous Violet.  I love this blurple purple and its a Nicole by OPI classic shade!!!  Its a blue based purple hue with a super smooth application, excellent gloss, and awesome wear.  This color is still available through, it was released quite some time ago as I have had my bottle since 2007.

For the second step I waited until my base color dried I applied two thin coats of OPI Teenage Dream.  This lacquer is jam packed with glitter suspended in a pink jelly.  The pink works well over a wide range of colors making this a must have for every collection.   

Third, I waited for the glitter to dry then I added one coat of the jelly/sorbet OPI Houston We Have a Purple.  A jelly/sorbet lacquer is saturated with color like a creme but has a translucent base and glossier finish than all other lacquers.  The jelly/sorbet finish contains no shimmer, glitter, or flecks.

Finally I applied one coat of NOPI Top Coat Plus and voila!!  I love how the color changes in the pictures from blue to purple and the sparkle is amazing!! 


Natural Light

Sunlight Zoom

Natural Light Zoom


  1. that's a gorgeous candy mani! I love it!

  2. This is so pretty! What a wonderful idea. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for the step-by-step.

  3. Thank you I'm glad your going to try's so fun!

  4. Wow this is gorgeous. I need to try this.


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