Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fake? Fluke? Is there something I missed?

There was a lot of buzz when OPI released the Ulta Shimmer into Summer exclusives.  Yes, it is an exact dupe for the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl Collection but I noticed something more.

I had three of the four shades from the Gossip Girl Collection, so when I needed my OPI fix at Ulta and they were giving one free Shimmer into Summer exclusive with a $17 purchase I was so there!  I got OPI How You Blue-in? the exact dupe for NOPI Too Rich For You

With all the worries over fake OPI, I was pretty confident that I have never come across any since I try to exclusively buy mine from authorized dealers such as Ulta, Trade Secret, and local salons.  Well today I am questioning that theory as I am facing a lacquer enigma.

I was trying to decide what color to swatch when I noticed one of my OPI's was shorter than all the rest.  That bottle happened to be 'How You Blue-in?'.  I took it out for a closer look as I started to become horrified!  Could this possibly be a fake???  I tried to rationalize it as a flood of 'if's' came flying through my head!  All I could think was "But I bought it at Ulta?!?!".  I took comparison photos using the 'How You Blue-in?' in question against 'Skull & Glossbones' that was purchased at a Trade Secret.  Here's what I be the judge.

Here you can see the height difference

The lid thickness is different and the lid texture

Notice the gap difference between the bottle and cap

The front label rises up at the center "P" creating a hill effect (it was hard to catch on camera)

Legit label

The back labels seem to be the same

Legit back label

The one in question is on the R, notice its rounded edges

The one on the R is missing the dot on the "P"

The font of the "O" seems different

Legit top with dot on the "P"

Legit on top, both say OPI

Legit on L, notice the gear closing threads missing and the lid thickness

Close up of possible fake

Close up of legit inside of lid

Possible fake, notice the brush stick is clear and the brush is longer

Legit, notice the frosted clear brush stick and the shorter pro wide brush

 Well...what do you think???  Do I have a fake on my hands?  Is it possible retailers are being given fakes (I doubt it but I guess anything is possible)?  Has Anyone else ever seen this?


  1. it sounds strange that ulta carries fake OPI...
    but yeah, there are some huge Idk...;_;
    Have you tried it yet?

  2. I doubt they would sell a fake...that's why I am so confused! I swatched it on one nail and it seemed fine, no awful smells and the color seemed to match swatches I've found. I'm just sooo confused :/ !


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