Monday, July 11, 2011

An unexpected combo...

I absolutely L-O-V-E a glitter pedi!  I find it's not as difficult to get glitter lacquer off the toes like it is on the fingers (I have no idea why and it doesn't make sense but I go with it).

When I get stopped and asked about my pedi color the second most popular question after 'what color did I use?' is always 'how long does it last?'.  My pedi's last a month...yes I said month and that is with ZERO touch ups.  I don't do anything special and up until two months ago I never used a base coat or a top coat for my pedi's either.  Anyways I am off topic...

This was taken without flash
My unexpected color combo for this month is NOPI Virtuous Violet (3 coats to opaque) and a topping (two coats) of NOPI Pitch-Black Glimmer.

Virtuous Violet has been around for quite some time (I have owned it since 2007) and is a Nicole by OPI Classic shade.  In my opinion this lacquer is the perfect blue based purple.  The formula is fantastically smooth and leaves zero brush strokes.  My only complaint is the thin brush mine has (it is old after all).  I have seen this color still lurking on shelves at my local big box stores.

The amazing gloss really pops!
 Pitch-Black Glimmer was a NOPI Target exclusive release from the holiday 2010 collection (there are several other awesome glitters from this collection).  I have to tell you, this lacquer is a must have!  How rarely do we see a black micro-glitter after all?  This lacquer is not that simple though.  It is not only made up of black glitter but there are some flecks of silver and a flash of holo in there too!
In theory this combo isn't unexpected since purple and black compliment each other, however it was the actual results that were unexpected!  I didn't expect this to be so juicy and candy like with a black glitter.  Here are the be the judge.

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