Friday, August 26, 2011

Miss Congeniality...

My August is slipping away and today I needed some sparkle in my life. So for your mani viewing pleasure I bring you OPI Congeniality is My Middle Name from the Miss Universe Collection with an accent of OPI Sparkle-icious from the Burlesque Collection.

Congeniality is My Middle Name is a beautiful Merlot (wine) colored shimmer that applies smoothly and becomes opaque in two coats. Sparkle-icious is one of my favorite OPI glitters! Did I mention I can't wait for The Muppet's glitters to arrive?! This lacquer truly lives up to its name and is made up of gold, blue, and purple glitter. Application is smooth considering and one generous coat was used. Although this glitter dries pretty flat I still used a top coat over it.

Disclosure: This lacquer was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. this is such a cute and foxy color! :) thanks so much for following my blog, I just followed you back. And finally, I found a blog all about nail polish - I'm a huge nail polish addict too! :) looking forward to future posts from you!


  2. I do the same thing but with the debrah lippman one!!! but only in the finger that I have a tatoo!! we had similar idea!! check it out the post

    I love itttt

  3. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you xx

  4. Gorgeous manicure! I am supporting and following you!

  5. Super cute blog! I'm your new follower, I found you through IFB! I hope you follow back! :)

  6. Gorgeous, this is so creative.
    Just found you through IFB & followed :D

  7. I love this! How creative and super feminine! I'm gonna give this a shot!


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