Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Play Time...

It's time to play...the peonies that is!  OPI Play the Peonies is from the Nice Stems! Collection.  This lacquer is a baby soft pink with a pearl sheen.  Application for this lacquer is awfully streaky but it covers in two coats.  For this mani I used two coats but for a smoother finish use three coats and a good top coat.

I decided OPI Red Shatter would compliment this baby pink, as well as hide the brush strokes.  Plus I figured if I was going to step out of my comfort zone I might as well jump!  Along with pink, I am not a red person but I had to own Red Shatter anyways.

I found the Red Shatter to be jelly like and very easy to work with. I know a lot of people have been having trouble with the shatters but I haven't.  If fact I have found all of them to apply smooth and shatter well.  My least favorite in terms of formula would be OPI White Shatter, it tends to dry faster in the bottle than any of the other colors.  In case you find your shatters drying out you can add two or three drops of OPI Lacquer Thinner, then roll the bottle in your palms and it will be good as new.

What other colors would you pair with Red Shatter?

Disclosure: This lacquer was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. Love the colours together and the effect! A gold might go well too, but then again it might be too much.


  2. Maybe the gold shade from my last post would work...I'm going to have to try it! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Ahhhh so cool! I wanna try this.

    x Dag

  4. This is such a great combo combination!! LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  5. Those colours are really cute, I do love quite like light colours :)

  6. Wow..that´s some crazy work on your nails! totally love it.. how you´ve done it?

  7. I'm loving this combo!

  8. @CR its a special lacquer called shatter or crackle that creates the look :)

  9. This is such a great look! I've used a black shatter varnish but never a red one. Will look out for this in the future!

    Polly x

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  11. love love(:


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