Friday, September 16, 2011

Queen of Hearts...

It's kind of a gloomy day here so I decided I needed something bright to share with everyone.  This weeks Fabulous Friday mani features OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise and OPI Pink Shatter!

Austin-tatious Turquoise is from the Texas Collection and like some other recent releases there seems to be two batches floating around.  Now the color for both are exact, a dreamy turquoise with flash of pink duochrome.  The difference comes from the formula, some batches seem to be very watery and runny while others seem 'normal'.  I have one of the 'normal' formulated bottles and application is great!  It took three coats to build up opacity, although the duochrome effect isn't as pronounced as it looks from the bottle.

This year for OPI's Pink of Hearts Nail Lacquer to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
OPI has released a Pink Shatter.  From the bottle this pink looks like a nice hot pink jelly/sorbet, but once applied this pink seems to be a shade or two darker.  It's not necessarily a bad thing but this shatter might be paired best with lighter shades, although I do like the combo I came up with.

Formula wise, OPI Pink Shatter seems to have the same consistency as the Red and Navy Shatters.  I have read about many people out there having problems with their shatters drying out but I have not had this problem, yet.  I got my Black Shatter before it hit stores and its still smooth.  If you do run into this problem, you can add lacquer thinner to the shatters.

Will you be picking up OPI Pink Shatter to support breast cancer awareness? Will you be showing your support in other ways? What other colors would you wear as a base with this?

Disclosure: This lacquer was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. I will eventually get this shatter. I haven't seen it anywhere yet! I haven't had any problem with thickening yet either!

  2. You provide such great and informative reviews! Love it. My black shatter is totally dried out and with regualar polish I add lacquer thinner, but I was concerned that additing it to shatter would some home ruin the affect--- I'm going to try to fix my dried out shatter when I get home!

  3. @thenailaholic: I was super lucky and snagged mine up at a supply house! I have heard of some getting it by asking stores if they can get it from the back.

    @Olivia: Thank you soo much!! I'm glad I could help!! Remeber roll your bottle don't shake it to mix.

  4. That is a beautiful blue polish and I like the way you painted over it diagonally instead of just plain vertically. I love nail polish and am glad I found this blog. I will be following you. :)

  5. I love, love this! Such a beautiful combination. I think I will go and pick up that shatter! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Shatter just hasnt worked well for me but it looks awesome on your nails...I love the color combo! great blog your newest follower :)
    check out my blog when you get a chance

  7. Love this!!

  8. loveee the colour combination!

  9. Wow, the turquoise color is so gorgeous! I am going to have to get it! -Jessica


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