Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excuse You...

It's Pink Wednesday and today I have a Muppet's Collection glitter to share!!  When I first heard about the Muppet's Holiday Collection I was jumping out of my skin with anticipation and I still am just as giddy everytime I look at one of the bottles!!  What's not to love?  This line is amazing!!

OPI Excuse Moi! is the only micro glitter in the collection and it is drastically different from the other five glitters.  The other glitters are more for layering, while Excuse Moi! can truly stand on its own in two coats, three for good measure.  This lacquer starts with a pink jelly base and suspended within is a multicolored glitter fiesta!!  Green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, silver, and more pink glitter...OH MY!!! 

Disclosure: This lacquer was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. Totally love the color and the glitter, I think I'll need to purchase that one :)


  2. Wow that is fabulous. Very much the aura of Miss Piggy. Love!

  3. YeEEeeEEE I haven't had a chance to use that yet! i looks amazing

  4. So pretty!!


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