Monday, October 3, 2011

One Heart...

Oh Mani(c) Monday...its a glorious thing!  I am excited to bring you a lacquer I am on the fence about because I want to hear your thoughts on it.  The OPI and Katy Perry Collection flew off the shelves and I really debated about getting The One That Got Away.  So when I recently came across it on discount I decided to go for it.

OPI The One That Got Away is red based berry shade with some fleck for good measure.  The bottle shots would lead you to believe that there is some duo chrome in there but there is no hint of it on the nail, which is sad.

Application for this lacquer is great, two coats do the trick.  Personally, I feel this lacquer is missing something but I'm not sure what.  To try and figure it out I added OPI Heart of Gold, which is a gold subtle glitter much like OPI I Juggle...Men.  I really like the results, it added some depth and some juiciness.  What do you think?  Do like this lacquer on its own?  Or do you like it layered?

Disclosure:  This lacquer was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. I'm loving those colours :) Really cute x

  2. I have this lacquer as a part of the Katy Perry mini set and I like the way it looks with two coast, one is too light. I like the effect the gold added to it.

    Liv @

  3. OPI do some beautiful colours, far to expensive for my range though
    Lauren Michelle

  4. I love the gold glitter over top, it really makes it pop. I do love the shade of pink too!

  5. wow, Heart of Gold seems to be a great polish!!!! I also love I and esp over dark cremes!

  6. Thank you for your message!!!! great blog!!! i follow you!!!!!


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