Monday, December 26, 2011

These Aren't Snow Flakes...

Well, I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!!  If you didn't get anything from Sally's Beauty Supply you need to head there!  As many of you have heard Finger Paints is releasing a line called Twisted that is made up of five flakie polishes!!  These aren't supposed to be released until the new year but many have found them out early or been able to get the sales person to get the out from the back.  I was lucky enough to find them out early last week!  Although I wasn't lucky enough to get them all, yet.  I am missing Flecked but another store that was insistent on not releasing them early has it on hold for me!

The five colors are Flecked (not pictured), Twisted, Flashy, Motley, and Asylum (in order L to R).  These don't look like much in the bottle but once you put them on they light up with flakie awesomeness with an equally awesome formula.  I have found them to look best over dark colors but I wanted to show you how they look over light too.  I used OPI Black Onyx and Alpine Snow.  Sorry for the smeared pinky, guess that one wasn't dry yet...oops!

Disclosure:  This lacquer was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. the nails look wonderful! love them!

  2. wow this looks amazing!

  3. this color is super fab! I want it on my nails!


  4. i LOVE these! you have the best "nailspiration" blog ever


  5. these nails look great! if you need some jewelry to match check out lia sophia and subscribe to my blog!


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