Friday, May 18, 2012

Into The Dark...

I have some exciting news...The Lacquer Factor now has its own domain!!  I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!  This really won't affect anyone as the old address will work just the same.  The news doesn't stop there though, you may have already noticed but I also got a twitter and hello cotton account!! Check them out, if you haven't yet.

Today I have the majority of the Dark Shadows Collection from Orly.  I say majority because I didn't pick up Grave Mistake, a dark red creme.  Nor did I pick up Decades of Dysfunction because it's an exact dupe of Pure Porcelain, which I already had. 

First is Mysterious Curse which is a re-release of Royal Velvet, a dark purple blue with shimmer.  Second is Buried Alive, a brown shimmer.  No dupe here!  Third is Pure Porcelain which was re-released for the Dark Shadows Collection under the name Decades of DysfunctionPure Porcelain is a pink tinted off white.  Two coats were used for all.  Application was good but Mysterious Curse was a tad thick.

Mysterious Curse/Royal Velvet

Buried Alive

Pure Porcelain/Decades of Dysfunction

Disclosure: This product was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. Congrats on your new domain! I've been thinking about getting one for my blog, but I was worried about it changing things and I'm also not sure how to go about it!

    1. Blogger makes it so easy! Everything follows over with it!

  2. Whoo hoo! Grats on the domain, that makes it so much cooler!
    I love Buried Alive, it's such a nice old bronzey color... very nice :D

  3. Mysterious Curse is like a richer, shinier Black Pearl. Me likey!

  4. Congratulations on the domain, so exciting!! I had no idea about this Orly collection, but I really like the bottom two colors!

  5. new follower via hello cotton from IFB! love the blog design!

  6. I love it!!!


  7. I'm so bipolar.. i go from white to black.. hahah but i love both styles, the first and third one!


  8. loving the pure porcelain polish!

  9. thanks for this post, dear!! i like the shimmer brown ones! :)


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