Friday, June 1, 2012

Pink Alike...

Even though the weather isn't so nice today I'm feeling cheery and picked a lacquer to reflect that.  NOPI Great Minds Pink Alike is a coral pink shimmer that flashes purple and blue.  The formula seems thin and sheer but it does build up to opacity in three coats.  Great Minds Pink Alike is a Target exclusive for Spring and is available now.

While at Target I picked up one of the four new Nicole by OPI texture coats (shatter/crackle).  I only picked up the one because the other three are exact dupes for previously released Sephora by OPI Blasted Nail Colours that I already own.  NOPI Quartz Texture is a metallic lavender shatter.  It's packed full of dense shimmer but applies very light and smooth on the nail.  I had no issues with getting this lacquer to shatter.  As always only one coat is used for shatter lacquers followed by top coat.  Are you bored with shatter or are you still into it?

Disclosure: This product was purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. I haven't used shatter varnishes for a while - I use to really like them and I love that they make your nails a little different. Also love that orange shade!

  2. this is weird!! i have the same colour on my nails right now!!(first pic) hahahahhah

  3. love the coral!


  4. Wow I didnt know so many brands were in existence. loved ure blog, nice colours and styles on nail. Pure Nail Art :)

  5. Looks so cute:) xx

  6. I am not a fan of the shatter look. But I love the color by itself! Reminds me of sparkling peaches. lol

  7. Looks so cool! I haven't had too much luck with shatter polishes, but this combination looks great!

  8. I just got my nails done the first color! Ahhh, I love it! :) Totally thought of your blog when picking out colors. Went with tangerine for the toes. Kind of orange obsessed :)


  9. I usually don't love crackle, but your choice of silver crackle against the coral base color is quite cute! :-)

    ~ Yun

  10. very pretty :)

  11. I don't think I will ever get tired of shatter! I especially love the silver you looks amazing over the coral pink. I love corals for the summer!


  12. the silver with coral is looking great, I'd try it myself. In fact on its own also I loved the colour, didnt know Nicole with OPI existed.

    Have u any idea that this one includes carmine as an ingredient or not?


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