Monday, July 16, 2012


It's a family affair at Cult Nails with the new Untamed collection by Coco.  This stunning five piece collection features fun fresh shades and an array of shimmer, sparkle, and glitter.  The names on these lacquers are almost as fun as the colors; Deal With It, Untamed, Spontaneous, Annalicious,and I Got Distracted.

Trying something new here...Click "Read More" for the rest of the review! Let me know if you like/dislike the new format by leaving a comment below.

Application is smooth and easy with this collection.  The only exception is Spontaneous, its a little on the thick side but still easy to work with.  Spontaneous also dries gritty and needs topcoat but I showed it below without so you can see its original texture.  Two coats were used for each lacquer although, Annalicious could have gotten away with one.  Have you joined the Cult yet??

Cults Nails Deal With It
Lime green loaded with gold shimmer

Cult Nails Untamed
Bubble gum pink sheer jelly with shimmer

Cult Nails Spontaneous
Dusty purple with purple glitter

Cult Nails Annalicious
Red orange with gold shimmer

Cult Nails I Got Distracted
Black jelly with holographic glitter and green glitter

Disclosure: These products were purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. I think the last color would be my favorite! They all look really cool though


  2. very pretty shade....i like pink, green and black one...:)

  3. These look great! I grabbed a set, too--hope it won't be too long before I find the time to try them.

  4. All the colors are so pretty! I think my favorites are Deal With It and Untamed! :-)

    ~ Yun

  5. Gorgeous!! All the shades are beautiful but I think I like the orange the most. That's just such a fun summer color!

  6. Nice collection, I love the green x :-)

  7. omg ive been seeing a lot of cult nails posts lately and ive been lemming for them ever since!

  8. Ooh, I'm loving "Untamed"! Such a pretty bubblegum pink! And I really love the new set up!!

  9. This collection looks amazing!

  10. Nice colours!

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  12. I like the last one with the glitter. So pretty. I have always wondered why certain colors within the same brand apply differently. I use a lot of Essie polishes and I have a few that don't coat very well but for the most part, I love the rest.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  13. I love Annalicious. And I'll be honest, the green scares me a bit! :) Thank you so much for linking up for the blog hop. We were so happy to have you!

  14. Love the green one!! Really great shade.for summer!!

    I like your new format!

  15. I think "Deal With It" and "Untamed" would look super cute worn together! Like watermelon :)

  16. I'm still addicted to my OPI, lol but I do like the colors here especially the last one, the black with sparkle, Great review!!


  17. That lime green color is awesome!!!
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  18. Love the blog! Thanks for following mine. xo

  19. Looks like a nice collection, I think my fave is I got distracted x :-)


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