Monday, September 10, 2012

Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 Bespoke Lacquer Collection...

Inspired by the runway, the new Autumn/Winter collection from butter LONDON offers texture and color for your inner fashion designer.  This collection has two holographic lacquers, two glitter lacquers, and a metallic lacquer.  "Read More" to enjoy the rest of the review!

Application for this collection is good.  Three coats were used for Lovely Jubbly, Dodgy Barnett, and Trustafarian.  Two coats were used for Gobsmacked and Shag.  The two holos of this collection, Dodgy Barnett and Trustafarian are not as intense as older holos but are amazing!  The holo effect was hard to capture without the sun though.  The texture of this collection is right on point for Autumn/Winter!!  Today only ULTA is having a BOGO on butter LONDON.  Will you be buying any butter LONDON?

butter LONDON Gobsmacked
Charcoal gray glitter in a gray base with a matte textured finish

butter LONDON Lovely Jubbly
Mostly magenta micro glitter with red, blue and gold micro glitter

butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett
Holographic silver lacquer

butter LONDON Trustafarian
Holographic sage green lacquer

butter LONDON Shag
Warm orange-burgundy metallic

Disclosure: These products were purchased by The Lacquer Factor.


  1. Such lovely colours!
    Ive heard great things about Butter! cant wait to try out their range!/Wotshernameagai

  2. Wow Gobsmacked and Dodgy Barnett are fab

  3. Trustafarian is the only one I find really inspiring. They're all pretty but I'm not too excited about the shades!

  4. Lovely Jubly and Dodgy Barnett are fantastic.

  5. Lovely colors! Love the charcoal grey and warm orange-burgandy :)


  6. They are all gorgeous! I think my favorite from the set is Shag. It's such a warm fall color. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. I love Shag for fall!! Reminds me of cider and crispy leaves!

  7. Dodgy Barnett has to be my fave, I love the packaging of the Butter London polishes:)

  8. They had buy 1 get 1 free on butter london nail polish at ulta today..and i remember it now that I am reading your post.

  9. Beautiful colors! I liked Lovely Jubbly!! :)

  10. Love the gray and magenta polishes! Also, thanks for inspiring my black with silver sparkle mani that I'm rocking right now. - Carla

  11. I have yet to try out Butter- but I've been lusting after it for ages now. Time to try! I love Gobsmacked. :)



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