If there's any other questions you'd like me to answer don't hesitate to email me:  the.lacquer.factor@gmail.com

Q: When did you start getting into nail lacquer?
A: I can actually say I was born this way!  My Mom and Aunt are cosmetologists and my other Aunt is a aesthetician.  I was born and raised in the salon so I don't remember a time when I wasn't into beauty products.  

Q: Are your nails natural?
A: Yes, my nails are natural.  They have always grown long naturally but I prefer them shorter.

Q: Do you use a nail treatment?
A: Yes, sometimes.  I like OPI Original Nail Envy and Nailtiques Formula II.

Q: What base and top coat do you use?
A: Currently I am using American Classics Gelous as a base coat, which is available at Sally's Beauty Supply.  I use several different top coats for different reasons.  I use these two the most though, American Classics In A Hurry or  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Q: What kind of remover do you use?
A:I used both pure acetone and Zoya Remover+. 

Q: How many bottles of nail lacquer do you own?
A: I really don't want to know!!!  You can check out my Collection Page to get an idea of how many I have.

Q: How do you store your nail lacquer?
A: I currently use a Ikea Helmer.  

Q: What is your favorite nail lacquer finish?
A: This is a tough question!  Of course I love anything holo and glitter.  I also love a super slick jelly/sorbet.  The only finish I don't really care for is anything frosty.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: I use two cameras. Mostly my Canon PowerShot SX230 HS because of the ease of mobility.  I also use my Canon Eos T2i, it's a superior camera to the PowerShot but it's beastly. 

Q: What activities other than blogging interest you?
A: There's life outside of blogging?  I'm kidding!  I have several hobbies that revolve around the preforming arts but I am also an avid animal rescuer.  Cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds mostly but I am always willing to save any animal.